9/11 : Never forget?

In the heady days after 9/11/01, little buttons popped up on websites, often in a corner. They were all ‘commemorative’ 9/11 images. Many, if not most, read something like ‘Never Forget’. Now, surfing the web, I don’t see nearly so many. Stores (admittedly Vancouver stores), who proudly stuck little posters in their windows and hawked related wares no longer do so. The little community police station near me used to have a poster in the window which was of the American flag, with the sillhouette of the twin towers in the foreground. On the right-hand side was a stencil of the Statue of Liberty. It said ‘9/11: Never Forget our Fallen Brothers’ (or something similar – this is from memory. Along the bottom in had the symbols of the NYPD and the FDNY. This poster is no longer in sight as you walk pass. I noticed this, and peered in the window. It is now hanging at the back of the office, above a desk. It appears to be propped up on a filing cabinet rather than hanging.

My (impertinent, rhetorical, sarcastic) question is: Does this mean it’s ok to forget now?

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