Surrey Adventure

Today, I took my car to the dealer to get fixed – nothing major, but a couple of little things the warranty would cover, and so out to Surrey drove I. I got there around 10:30, got the car into the garage and got a ride with this cute little boy-girl kid (some androgenous teenager), who pumped me for info about life ‘in the city’, during the 5-minute drive to The Mall. The Mall, or Guildford mall as I now know it is called, is an enormous mess. 2-levelled, the lower level does not actually connect entirely with itself, so you are forced to go up and down to explore it all. Additionally, there seems to be no way to ‘do the mall’ without having to double-back on yourself at some point, which just seems like poor planning to me. As expected, this mall featured a Sears, a Bay, a Walmart, a SportChek, etc. There were the requisite pseudo-hip clothing stores, the standard mall-fashion stores like The Gap. There was a Sony store, an EB, an HMV and a Birks. But you what wasn’t there, as far as I could determine? A bookstore. There was a store selling calendars and possibly some schlock fiction, but it didn’t look like a bookstore. Even a Chapter’s would’ve been welcome there. That there were all these bastions of crass (a SilverCity too!) and nothing like a bookstore of merit I think speaks volumes to what exactly Surrey is.
Anyhoo, I spent an hour or so wandering around, then sat and read my book for a while, then decided to go see a movie. I started out sitting in National Lampoon’s Van Wilder. No sound. Get sent next door to Blade 2. No picture. Finally, I end up seeing The Sweetest Thing, which is a flat-out lie. It was barely watchable. And finally, just when I think the world’s longest prologue is about to end and the story about to start, the credits roll. Wha???
But I did get my money back and a free pass, which is all good. I’ll try and go see something worthy with the free pass.
So now I’m back in the city with a fixed car, a new sorrow for Surrey and mall-brain. So I’m gonna go stare at a wall for a while I think.

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