Feeling the glow of a Canuck victory, I struck out last night to the den of the Evil Empire and rented a couple of movies from Rogers video. Last night was K-PAX. Tonight, The Princess and the Warrior. K-PAX, btw, was fluffy and enjoyable. A little sappy, a little slow, but Jeff Bridges, as always, is a marvel of gravelly voice & serene stares. I was expecting a little but more pop-mysticism, or pop-science, but the general feel-goodness of it was nice.
What wasn’t so nice was the vague ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ element to it that was completely glossed over. Cause if he was an alien, he was in that dude’s body.
Which yes, caused issues in the sleeping soundly department. I already feel detached enough from my own skin sometimes that the idea of someone slipping between is not a happy one in my scared-child/paranoid brain that seems to take over some nights.