Civ 3

Ahh, there’s nothing like the site of 10 galleys, each filled with a settler and an impi. setting forth across the seas to conquor and colonise unknown lands. Meeting a land populated with americans, the the settlements are quickly established. Slowly but surely, we land new troops to conquor American cities. Once with a city anihilated or conquored, the settlers follow, building settlements on the available good land, leaving the scraps of desert and tundra for the Americans. Then, one fine day in AD 600, the American nation is conquored, subsumed into the massively powerful zulu empire.

Things to learn here:

  • My method of conquest in Civilization is disturbingly similar to Israeli practices in the west bank.
  • I take perverse pleasure in playing out reverse-colonialism in games of Civ, having the Iroquois/Zulus/Aztecs conquor the Europeans.
  • I never play as the Americans, and in every game that features them, I generally take the time to destroy them. I’m not entirely sure why, but perhaps some deep-seated resentment of American foreign policy is in there somewhere
  • One shouldn’t start a game of Civ 3 in the late evening, after the hockey game, because one will be up for far too long.