So for the pencilcase, I’ve been trying to create an elegant system for handling uploaded files. Which I think for the most part, I now have. Files can be uploaded and easily inserted into the layout (ok, myabe not totally easily, as I don’t template-ize my pages (as: Header1, content1, image 1, content2, etc), but for all intents and purposes, easily). What I’ve been trying to do is to allow for an easy way to get and maintain thumbnails. I found a tag called , which supposedly uploads an image, can resize it whatever dimensions, and generate a thumbnail of a specified width. So I tried it, but of course, the thumbnail quality is pitiful.
So I’m of 2 minds right now: Do I use the inherent parent/child relationship that the architecture supports? This would allow for possible multiple thumbnails (or multiple large images, depending on the direction of the relationship), but I can’t forsee that feature being useful. Or, should I add a ‘thumbail’ field to the file upload module? So if there’s a thumbnail, it’s added at the same time? Then in the DB, store info for both in the same row? Or perhaps not do that, but upload the thumbnail to be the child of the large image?

Oh the decisions. This is coming more to the light as last night leah was reading recommendations for Fives to deal better with the world from this excellent Enneagram book we have, and one of the recommendations is to take decisive action rather than contemplating the myriad possibilities stemming from every decision. And yet, here I am, essentially paralyzed by my inability to make this simple decision. And of course, you know what’s nagging me at the back of my brain: Somewhere, the best option is sitting, waiting patiently for me to discover it. And so why should I choose something that I’ve already thought of, when the perfect solution is out there? And so on and so forth…

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