Jay Leno

Something became apparent during last night’s 10th Anniversary ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ Special: Leno doesn’t repect women. I’d suspected, given his not-terribly-sly sexual innuendo with virtually every female guest, his low-brow jock humor, his penchant for humiliation humor, etc. But last night confirmed it. Of all the special guests who came out to help him out with something, none were women (unless I missed one whilst peeing). Cher (a woman), was the musical guest, but that from the top down stank of Corporate Promotion of her latest album and latest farewell tour.
Additionally, in the highlight reels, while he’s jocular and occasionally asking decent questions of his male guests, nearly all the excerpts from his female guests included some kind of sex-tinged joke, comment, look, etc.

It was really pretty pathetic.