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So I’ll admit – My knowledge of Pim Fortuyn up until has assassination was handily summed up in this NYTimes article. I was aware I probably wasn’t getting the whole thing. My idea of ultra-right-wing/racist politicians does not include those who are openly gay. Over here is a different look at Pim Fortuyn. I’m not sure of it’s veracit either, but it is good to see a different slant on him. My take on the combination of these is yes, he wanted to re-examine immigration laws. I have no idea whether or not he was anti-immigration or not – I’ve not seen any party-platform info about it. He clealy is not a Dutch Le Pen. He seems like a rabble-rouser, who sought to point out ways in which government was not being open and honest. This doesn’t make him a hero. As Brishen just said to me, he could see a similar article having been written about Preston Manning – he was certainly populist, although never in a million years would I support him.
But read both and think about it.

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