Cross-browser testing

So I’m all excited about Netscape 7 PR 1. It appears to be Mozilla 1.0 with netscape branding, which means it’s pretty sweet. So far in tests, it handles code identically to Mozilla.

But I do have a complaint. When I’m testing sites, I now have SO MANY browsers to test on. On my PC, I test Netscape 3.04, 4.08,6.2 (, 7 PR 1); Internet Explorer 6 (and IE 5.5 SP 2 on another machine), Opera 5, 6.02 & Mozilla 1.0. On the Mac, There’s netscape 4,6,7; IE 5.5; Mozilla 1.0 (and probably others that I’m missing). I (fortunately?) don’t have a *nix box to test my sites on right now. I’m comforted that in scanning the logs of 60-odd sites that I have something to do with, *nix-based users make up less than 3% of visitors. The recent netscapes & mozillas seem to behave the same on both PC and Mac, so I’m going to assume they perform the same on *nix too. I don’t have to worry about IE. I know that there’s a few mozilla-based browsers out there, but I guess I just have to hope that they work just like mozilla does.

It’s all very time consuming. I spent 7 hours building a single page yesterday, because it was a tricky design, and getting to look decent on all those browsers was a real chore. In the end, I’ve essentially abandoned version 4 and earlier browsers, satisfied that the page degrades functionally, if not terribly elegantly. The page still isn’t exactly the same on each browser, there’s some border-issues, wherein some borders are not showing up in certain portions on some browsers, but it’s looking spanky on IE 6 and mozilla 1.0. It almost looks nicer on Netscape 6, as several left & right borders are missing, but the top and bottom borders stay. I’m sure that it all has something to do with pixel count and the way the different browsers handle padding/margin/border size, but it’ll do for now.