Chretien & Martin

So this thing with Martin being fired. I haven’t read anything about it, I don’t know any details apart from the fact that most people (myself included) thought Martin was the most likely successor of the Liberal party. With everything else that’s beeng going on with the federal Liberals, this just comes across to me as a greedy, grumpy old man trying desperately to cling to power – a dictator with the buzzards circling, almost. Even with all this, I doubt that were an election called today, anyone else would be prime minister. The Liberals might lose many seats, but there’s still no real challenger it seems. And so what do the Liberals care? In two years’ time, when the election will be called, this will all have been forgotten about most likely anyhow.

But it seems wrong to fire a man who was apparently doing a pretty job at his position for personal reasons. Actually, wouldn’t that be grounds for a wrongful dismissal suit?

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