Odd NS 6+/Mozilla Bug?

Has anyone else experienced an odd thing whilst using Netscape 6.2, 7 (beta) or Mozilla 1.0 (any build)? The odd thing in question is that about one load in three, the requested page loads with nary an image loaded? A refresh brings them down, but it has made some sites I’ve visited look quite odd until I realize what is happening. Often times, if the site is bad and has not provided any alt. attributes on their images, there’s just kind of a space, but sometimes I get the handy descriptors.

I’ve cruised through the preferences, but I don’t see anywhere about load times, or caches for images, etc – my theory is that elements that don’t load in the time Mozilla allots for a page load simply aren’t loaded, rather than popping into place once they finally arrive, the way IE works.

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