Notes on Activism

Our job as activists is to make the links and connections better between what is happening on a daily basis, and how it is connected to our union, social movement or group.

So these are things I try to do as an MP and activist:

  1. Never work alone. If you are one person, look for others. If you are one group or one union, look for others. Don’t do it on your own.
  2. Find out where people are at with their issue and go there, don’t wait until they come to you.
  3. Break down institutional barriers and rules that exclude people. Be it unions, political parties, social justice groups, or parliament.
  4. Help develop confidence, leadership and activism at the most local level possible. Don’t do it top down. People at the top should work at the bottom, then they will learn what they have to do to display real leadership.

taken from Libby Davies’ speech to the CAW, May 2002 (the link itself from the Soapbox Girls)

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