Power & the modern geek

So I have what I think to be a fairly normal setup at work: a pc, 2 monitors, speakers, all requiring power. The setup has been, due to a lack of outlets:
wall:extension-cable:UPS:CPU & powerbar:monitors & speakers.
That didn’t work – i kept on shorting out and overloading the UPS (I know, I know, I had too much plugged into it – but the issue seemed to be in the UPS losing power, but with so much plugged into it, it couldn’t give me time to shut down).
So now, we’re testing out a new configuration:
wall:extension-cable:ups:CUP & monitor #1.
wall:extension-cable:powerbar:monitor # 2 & speakers (soon to hold a lamp as well).

Hopefully this will not result in crashes. I’ve also switched UPS’, just in case I had a bum UPS as well as a bum cable. That UPS is now servicing the spare PC in the office, which is much less important.

Of interest is that this new UPS has a serial port that I should be able to connect to my PC. I’m not sure what this would do for me, or why I would want to do it, but I’m all for extra cables and potential information and tool to play with.