Kettle to pot: ‘you’re black!’

In a stunning case of irony run amok, George Bush is denouncing Corporate America’s ethics:

President George W. Bush deplored the lack of corporate ethics in America Wednesday and called on company leaders to clean up their acts or face justice after revelations of yet another massive U.S. business scandal.

“We’ve had too many cases of people abusing their responsibilities,” Mr. Bush told reporters on the first day of the Group of 8 summit in Kananaskis, Alta.

(from this Globe & Mail article).

No mention of the White House’s own egregious abuses of power during this tenure, no statement of re-evaluating their own relationships with Big Business, nothing to indicate that the status quo will change in any meaningful way. It appears that this current US government is content to deal with each of these scandals as isolated incidents, prosecuting and punishing specific individuals or companies, without any regard to the system as a whole. There is a link between these various scandals, in that Arthur Andersen has been the auditing firm of choice of Enron, WorldCom and I think Global Crossing & Tyco too.

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