My Weekend on the couch (3)

Sunday evening, mind numbed from odd sleeping and eating habits of the preceding day & night, Leah and I decided to test the Movie Central waters. Leah watched Where the Heart Is, while I was otherwise occupied, but we reconvened together to watch The Fast and the Furious, which I had been wanting to see (but not so much that I would either venture out to the theatre or rent it – I was sure it was going to be bad). And it was bad. But very enjoyably so, fortunately. Vin Diesel, who Leah thinks is all that & a bag of chips, was gruff, psychotic and lovable in the way that he is in films, the action was senseless and flashy, the plot rather basic and the believability next to nil. But somehow, it was all great fun. Would the cop go even more rogue to help his new friends (and get the girl)? Of course he would. Would the sketchy/brainy kid wig out at some point? Of course he would. Is the only possible culprit of these crimes really the culprit, even though we really, really don’t want him to be? Of course he is!

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