BC Treaty Referendum, again

From the CBC’s Referendum story page

Angus Reid, a veteran in the polling business, called the referendum “one of the most amateurish, one-sided attempts to gauge the public will that I have seen in my professional career.”


Critics also said some of the principles on the ballot, such as whether natives should continue to be exempt from taxes, are beyond the power of the province to negotiate.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects “aboriginal treaty and other rights,” and recent Supreme Court decisions have upheld such rights as exemption from taxation.

and finally, some interesting groups united in opposition:

Several religious and political groups have backed a native boycott of the referendum. The Anglican Church, the United Church, the Presbytery of New Westminster, the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Canadian Muslim Federation have all condemned the plebiscite. So have the B.C. Federation of Labour, the Council of Senior Citizens and the David Suzuki Foundation.

(thanks to Brahm for reminding me I was going to post something from that article)

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