Life During Wartime

The US is setting up a snitch network.

In time, as many as 4 per cent of Americans could be spying on their neighbours, a proportion that would exceed even the network set up by the former East Germany’s notorious Stasi spy-service.

Ain’t it grand? Perhaps in time, this will become a new measure for one’s patriotism: ‘I’ve snitched on 10 people this month!’ Maybe, just maybe, there’ll be a rewards program, much like at gas stations or what-have-you. Middle-managers everywhere will have a red, white & blue mug on their desks – the reward for having snitched on 100 people. The truly ambitious, upper-middle-management, most likely, will all have white Polo shirts that will have a little logo informing the world of their membership in the 1000+ club.

(and my humblest apologies to Mr. Zeldman, from whom I pilfered this entry title)

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