Fortune cookie fortunes

So at work we’re doing some promotional materials, including fortune cookies (the idea of our clients eating gingerbread likenesses of us was too disturbing). For no particular reason other than I think I’m too cool for school, here were my suggestions:

1.Ceci n’est pas une fortune.

2.Things fall apart.

3.You will be assimilated.

4. Anything they can do, we can do better.

5. Be a do-baby, not a try-baby.

6a. Be careful! Observation changes that which is being observed.

6b. Be happy! Design changes that which is being designed

7. You will not be denied!

8. What the heart wants, the mind will justify.

9. You cannot communicate without designing. You cannot design without communicating.

10. Every act is political. Choose wisely.

11. Make happiness your bottom line.

12. Money is not as important as beauty.

13. Your message needs a masseuse. The medium is the massage.

14. Nothing says uninspired like a swoosh.

15. Work can be perfect, on budget or on time. Only you can decide.

16. You will get a better identity.

17. Right now, someone has just invented a better product than yours. Make sure yours looks better.

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