Remote Desktop

What Do I know has highlighted some fancy new Mac OS software: OS X Software: Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

Now if only they would do the reverse – I have a Mac available to me for testing at work (an ancient G3, not running OS X, admittedly), but being able to stash it away out of sight and connect to it and run my tests (browsers, billions and billions of browsers – I think I have 11 installed on there of the various Netscape/IE/Opera/Mozilla versions) whilst sitting either here at my desk, or at home at my desk would be dreamy. Of course, I suppose alternately I could now ‘switch’ and continue to run Cold Fusion studio, Access and SQL Server client through this interface when need be. Because for my work, currently, the lack of Access on the Mac is a big issue – there aren’t many CF/PostgreSQL hosts out there, and MySQL just doesn’t cut it yet in my books, feature-wise – I’m far too sub-query happy.

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