Bandfest Finals

Two nights ago (Wednesday night), I trekked back out to New West to see Wayside play in the finals. They were due on last this time, at midnight, so we (Cory, Ben & Myself) (pictures are not modified for the web, so are big & may be slow) headed out a little later. We arrived shortly before 11 only to find the 2nd band (Naked Apes) was still on, and in fact, were not far into their set. Naked Apes were pretty decent, although pretty generic.
Next up was Los Furios, a ska band. Like many not-brilliant ska bands they suffered from sameness – all their songs sounded the same, and they sounded like any other ska band, although they were toe-tappingly good.
Following Los Furios was Bushleague, who I saw last week. I didn’t think too much of them the first time, and this set didn’t improve my opinion much. The best thing I can say about them is their lead singer does an excellent Eddie Vedder impression, mimicking his every pose on stage, and repeating, almost verbatim, the inter-song banter from the Live on Two Legs album. I suppose if you like low-brow rock that takes itself far too seriously, or if you were into hunky rockers, you might like them. But not I.

So at 1:30, Wayside finally took the stage. And sounded great – far better than when I’d heard them last week. I still feel they waste the bass (although being able to hear mark’s lines was an improvement), but with better sound, and possibly some practice, they sounded much tighter. Their set was forcibly cut short by management (that whole 2:00am closing-time thing), which sucked, but they did 4 or 5 songs, and each was great, ending with the same cover as last time (which I can now confirm is indeed Poison – ‘Every rose has its thorns’). This time however, they owned the song, and it fit right in with their other material. I’m not terribly sure what the differences are between the two sets – one was not so great, Wednesday night was pretty great – it may just be the combination of bad sound on a bad night and good sound on a good night.

The good news is that Wayside finished second in the rankings, despite their late & short set, so they win some studio time and get to go on to the regionals, coming up sometime at Plaza of Nations. The bad news is that Bushleague won. The fun news is that apparently Los Furios was angry and were close on starting a fight until the bouncer intervened (this last tidbit from Mark – I’d long since split).