Blog Meetup

So last night was the weblogger meetup night. I attended, knowing that LB & Trickypup were also going to be there, so should my worst paranoid fears that the attendees would all be a)rejects from an U:T LAN party b)bongo-playing hippy freaks (thanks, calli, for putting that one in my head!) c)mean d)boring.
Fortunately, my fears (as usual) were entirely unfounded (Although I’m firmly of the opinion it’s better to be pleasantly surprised than disapointed). Met Mark, who was great and reminded me inordinately of a cousin of mine (who, incidentally, is also named Mark); Colene, whom I’d assumed would be kindof bitchy and sarcastic (which isn’t necessarily bad – folks I often hang out with, we’re notoriously so), but was rather bubbly and enthused – which is all good and fun, and immediately put me at ease upon being introduced. Paul, whose site is one I check out semi-irregularly, and also happens to own two-thirty, which in a twist of small-worldedness, just redid Sporg’s site (which is a vast improvement over their former site), whose services I’ll be using for this Bookbuffet project at work. I additionaly met Tina, who was fantastically interesting, and Pinder who was a super-geek in the most pleasing of ways, sporting laptop cufflinks that actually opened. Truly charming, if I do say so myself. Pinder also wins the prize for most well-dressed attendee, I think.

There numerous others, some whom I met but whose names I sadly never caught, and others whom I never even met, but are quite possibly equally entertaining.

The next meet-up is scheduled just a month from now (’33 days until…’ my email told me), which is far too close. I often don’t hang out with by closest of friends with such a frequency. Perhaps, as Paul suggested, an every-other month appearance would be the wisest course. With only half the Vancouver bloggers showing up, perhaps we’ll form ‘shifts’, with the other have taking the even months, ourselves having taken the odd one.