I’m going out!

Money has been spent, tickets have been bought, plans have been made. I’m making my first appearance at a Vancouver club in nearly 6 months. More so, this’ll be my first time in Sonar since…umm…since last August, I think. And what has lured me out of my lair? Well, for the first time in 6 months or so, I have a little bit of spare coin (now eliminated, with the purchase of comics and the ticket for tonight), and Danny Howells is playing tonight. It’s only a 3-hour set, and it being a Monday, I doubt there’s an after party (and I’m even less likely to make it to one even if there is), but still, I’m stoked. To boot, I’ll be accompanied by Brian, Kirsten and Day (not sure if the first two sites have anything there yet. Ignore them if they don’t 🙂

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