I was in at the office on the weekend again, coding away. When I left yesterday, I told myself I’d transfer the files over to here when I got home, so I’d have the option of working from home, now that SQL Server is running smoothly here. But Leah was on the computer when I got home. So I didn’t, and I wasn’t too worried about it. I eventually went to bed, telling myself I’d transfer the files this morning.
So this morning, I wake up, only to hear on the news that a power-outage has hit most of Kitsilano, including where I work. So now I’m stuck at home, unable to work, kicking myself for not having done this transfer last night.

Aside: how does a squirrel chew through enough wires to knockout out all of Kits without getting completely fried? What kind of poorly designed system would have such an unprotected single point of failure?

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