the pretentious film-geek in me. I just read about ‘All About Lily Chou-Chou’ over at Salon, and now I must see it. I have sat through “Eureka“, which I can’t say I enjoyed, but loved it for it what it was: an auteur‘s film, in the way that few current directors (Atom Egoyan being most likely my favourite exception) work today, even in American Indie cinema. I loved it for the reasons one should love the French New Wave, from way back when – even when they weren’t enjoyable, they were eminently watchable, evocative and at their best, inspiring.

I love a film that I scratch my head at, if at some point I get a ‘Ah-ha!’ moment, or a film that brazenly breaks with conventions, or plays with conventions (Memento would be the last film I saw that came close to this – although I think it only bent, or stretched standard movie conventions with its reverse chronology).

I wonder if this film will come to our fair City? Outside of the VIFF? I hope so. I’ll keep an eye on the Ridge, 5th ave & Tinseltown for the next while. If anyone knows this film is coming, please let me know.

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