Today is Mark‘s birthday.

Happy Birthday Mark!

In addition to it being his birthday, there’s a thing going on over at that anyone with 2-3 minutes to spare should do: Vote Wayside (his band) as the best band in Bandfest 2002. Registration at club vibes is required, but it’s free and quick. Once registered, go here, and vote for Wayside. Why should you do this?

1)It’s Mark’s birthday, and even though you probably don’t know him from Adam, he’s a great guy, so be nice
2)Currently, Bushleague is winning, and they’re just not worthy.
3)I told you to do it
4)What’s one more username and password?
5)It’ll give you something to do during a 5-minute coffee break.
6)Together, we can rig this web-poll!

So go forth and vote!

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