Superhero-like, even!

Everynight, in kitchens across the world, a secret battle is taking place; pitching the forces of all that is good and clean against those who would sully our fair domiciles.
What is this battle of which I speak? That of The Dish-doer vs The Cook! Each night The Cook does her damndest to overwhelm Dish-doer with mounds of dirty dishes, cooking only that which will encrust, harden, stain or otherwise make life hell for the hapless residents of a kitchen (and for their poor, innocent cats – think of the cats – THINK OF THE CATS!). But Dish-doer is valiant and persistent, cleaning even that which is at first glance, making excellent use of his secret weapons – The Soak ™, Steel Wool ™, DishSoap – & his trusty sidekick, The Scrubber.
The battle at times seems hopeless – Dishdoer can only clean so much at a time, so much at the whims of the environment he finds himseld in. When the dishrack fills, he can no longer clean. When the water is dirtier than the dishes, he can no longer clean. When his back spasms, he can no longer clean. All the while, The Cook is hidden, watching, laughing mercilessly at his plight, dreaming up new schemes of using yet more dishes in her next dish, forcing him to clean the hardest and largest dishes first, that he might not clean everything!
Using his super-powers takes much out of Dish-doer, and there are some nights he simply cannot do any dishes. The every-watchful Cook takes advantage of said nights to create yet more dishes for him, knowing her plans of dirtying everything will go unfoiled that night. But fortunately for Dish-doer, The Cook’s intellect is only so large, and some nights, nary a dastardly plan comes into her head. On such nights, no new dishes are dirtied and the Dish-doer has an opportunity to overcome his opponent and clean every dish!