Feelin’ Proud

Today, this drizzly Tuesday morning, I actually followed through with a plan of exercise and I biked to work. This after last week, I finally bought a replacement seat and got a tune up with exactly this activity in mind. But I’ve done this sort of thing before, and never actually done the exercise, some excuse always cropping up. Today, for instance, it was drizzly and I woke up rather late (normally I aim to leave about 20 minutes before I ventured out of bed this morning). Additionally, I could not find my cycling jacket, one of those snazzy MEC numbers from a 1/2-dozen years ago with the bum-flap and thumb-loops. Which meant I was likely to get wet. The final potential excuse is that I could find neither my bike bag nor a bungee cord with which to tie my knapsack to my pannier-thing. So I had to wear my backpack, which meant that my back is unfortunately, a little sweaty. Ick.

A lesson to be learned from my ride is that I need to learn a commuting pace. Traditionally, when I ride, I ride as hard as I can to the point of exhaustion. While I did not quite do that, I definitely rode a little harder than necessary (given my state of (non-)fitness).

But I rode! Yay me! now all I have to do is to keep doing this everyday from now on. Except maybe in snow. Although in high-school, I used to ride to school in the snow in winter, and that was a 12 Km ride. But we’ll see. I should aim to get an entire week of riding to work in first, before I start thinking about the winter time. And I should stop rambling on too.