COPE upgrade

Also arriving today is an addition to the project I did (alongside Raised Eyebrow) in my Pencilneck Creations guise for COPE. It enables them to sell tickets to events through their website, and enables the purchasers of such tickets to print an e-ticket and present it at the door of whatever event they’re attending. This online ticket-sales app is now part of The Pencilcase, which means other smallish groups can make use of it. It will work either with someone doing their own off-line CC processing, and those who use a transactor, as it can simply pass off that bit of itself to someone else.

This is one of those things webservices are truly useful for. A standardized API for me to pass off data to, and expect a response back from. Most transactors have primitive versions of this, but I’d love to be able to pass them a nicely structured XML doc with all the info, have them do the processing, pass me back required info (pass/fail, error, etc), and me then to display it in my site. All without the user ever really having to notice the transaction is being handled elsewhere (except for maybe a link, or a sticker, etc – some terms of use thing).

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