Lumiere, Lumiere

Last night, Leah and myself ate dinner at Lumière, courtesy of Digitopolis, in thanks for me doing a god job, I suppose.

To avoid having to make wine decisions, as neither myself nor Leah know much about wine (which is somewhat amazing, given my parents, who both love and know wines), we decided to have the flight of wines, which is a glass of wine per course, selected to best match the food itself.

I had the seafood menu, Leah had the chef’s menu (the meat menu), and all was wonderful, as I’d expected. Except for the Atlantic Lobster (which I think was the third course), which I found a little rubbery and tasteless, but it was greatly compensated by being paired with the best potato gnocchi (sp?) I’ve ever had.

Desert was a suger fiesta, for which Leah quite happily covere me, as I’m not much of a desert eater. With coffee, however, were chocolates and jellies, and the one chocolate ball that I had so delicious – I would have been more than satisfied had that been my desert.

Oh yeah – the best part, perhaps? When the bill came (and it was expectedly huge – nearly 1/2-month’s rent of the two of us), I got write ‘Digitopolis’ on it, and walk out, without handing over a dime. That was cool.