IE 4, mac

goddamnedmotherfuckinglyingshittybrokenlyingfucksuckingpieceofshitbrowserthatdoesn’tsupportstandardsitclaimsto. Now all better, with a handy browser detection script workaround. A word of warning to all users that do not fall into the following categories: IE5+, NS6+, opera5+,gecko. I’m waging a war to tell you to upgrade. I’m going to add this script to sites whenever I can, so that I only have to write one version of code. I’m willing to put up with the Tantek Celik Opera hack for now, because it’s no biggy. Now once I learn how to affect styles in the Gecko engine (and still have it work in the IE engine), I’ll be happy. Because what I want is really quite simple. I just want to be able to set display:none and display:inline on the fly, for some nice mouseovers. Is that so much to ask?

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