My own voice

I listened to a message I left for Leah last nighton our voicemail. It struck me again that everytime I hear my own voice from an external source (as in not when I speak it, but recorded) that I never recognise it. It sounds like a complete stranger to me, and I wonder who this is calling and saying ‘hey cutie […]’. I actually find hearing my voice recorded somewhat disturbing, because it sounds so different to how it does in my head. I sound a lot softer on the phone than I do in my own head. In my head, I have a fairly high voice, somewhat rumbly, and I tend to soften harsh sounds, like the french do (if you’re french, you should be able to hold a piece of paper in front of your mouth and not have it move when you say hard sounds, like ‘ToD DiDn’T Burn the CaT’s Paws’ (caps on the hard sounds)). In english, we exhale forcefully on those hard sounds.

Is anyone else disturbed by their own voice, when heard externally? Can anyone who knows me describe what my voice sounds like to them? Also, what does your voice sound like to you?