Cat Killer gets off

A man who killed his tenant’s 5 cats with a 12-guage shotgun was acquitted of an animal cruelty charge

Grossnickle did not deny shooting the cats, which were killed October 1, the same day the animal cruelty law took effect. According to court testimony, he told Ritch five times to get rid of the cats or he would do it for her because they were reducing the home’s value by damaging the walls and carpets.

Although the state prohibits inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering on animals, it allows killing them humanely for food processing, hunting, scientific research, pest control, and agricultural practices.

Since Grossnickle killed the cats quickly, using a method accepted by farmers and with no intention of causing them unnecessary suffering, he did not break the law, Stepler said.

He was convicted of destruction of property at least. But that just seems so wrong. I could understand he being allowed to evict her, but to get off without penalty for shooting the cats? That’s just wrong.