New life-form/schizophrenia clue?

Scientists in sweeden have discovered a tiny particle, possibly a new life form that may also be a clue as to the cause of Schizophrenia

The study found spherical particles — only 100,000th of a millimetre in size — in the spinal fluid of 20 of the 22 patients with schizophrenia against only two of the 38 controls, it said.

The particles did not include bacterial DNA material and had so far not replicated in culture.

“They are not any of the usual viruses or bacteria that have been found,” Mr. Wetterberg said. “They are more like something like the prion, which is causing mad cow disease — but it took 15 years until it was found out what that really was.”

I’d never heard of a prion either, but I have to say, this sort of thing just creeps the hell out of me. Tiny little organisms floating in spinal fluid that could cause me all sorts of delusions? Yikes. Of course, I immediately want to go out and see if such things are found in my marrow, because becoming schizophrenic is one of my greatest fear, regardless of the fact that this link has yet to be proved. Of course, if it’s simply an indicator that the subject might get schizophrenia, is that worse knowing that your chance is X% higher because of this little thing?

That’s a debate I constantly have with medical tests – do I really want to know? I generally am purposely ignorant of my own body, and don’t like to think of the intricate systems that must all function for me to survive, because when I do, I’m paralyzed by wonder and fear. Wonder that it works at all, fear than any one of several million possible systems isn’t working right, or will stop working right, and then I’m sick, or insane, or dying, or blind, or otherwise damaged. Just one system malfunctioning is all it takes. And you know what? I even have to couch these thoughts in a mechanical metaphor to even grapple with it. And now that I’ve thought of it, I think I’m going to go curl up on the couch a while and attempt to forget this idea.

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