So I had this insanely horrific nightmare last night, that I thought I’d share with you all, so that you may all know the depths of my psychosis.

I’m at some kind of a school, or summer camp, or somesuch with numerous other people. It’s all fun and good, and games and hijinks occur with abandon. It suddenly dawns on me that I’m in a horror film. Immediately, it darkens, foreboding shadows abound and I can smell something a little rotten. I go into the drama studio to find several people literally ripped limb from limb, viscera everywhere. I run screaming from the room, covered in other peoples blood, that was still in the air. It’s the next day, and I hang out with the shy kid, who’s troubled and cute and has shaggy hair. It also occurs to me, in my dream, that I’m a girl. I also realise that while I’m watching this from behind this girl’s eyes, I’m an active participant in this horror film, not someone in the audience, and it becomes all very real, and very terrifying. Some indeterminate time passes during which there are searches and more victims and me and this boy become a little more intimate. The last night of camp, he confesses that he is a werewolf and he killed all these people, but he can’t help himself – it’s the monster inside him, not really he. So suddenly, I’m all hot and bothered and then I watch myself having movie sex (well, it looked like we were having sex, but I didn’t feel anything, nor were there any real-world implications). I lay back, feeling blissed, in the back of his tent, only to realize I’m reclining on someon’s skin. Looking up, there are body parts stuck to the ceiling, and suddenly I’m running. And I’m running through hallways and in each room are numerous mangled corpses and then finally, I go into the lounge, and sitting on a couch, surrounded and mutilated bodies is the head councillor (who I think is an actor from a Freddy Prince Jr. movie), and he’s smiling, and then he says ‘don’t worry, it’ll end soon’. Then the werewolf is upon me, and it’s the wolf from White Wolf’s ‘Werewolf: the apocalypse’ RPG sourcebook, the one who goes to town in a series of drawings in the combat section of the book. I look up, feel and smell it’s putrid breath, stinking of death, rot & decay upon me, and then from deep within it’s through a flaming battle-axe symbol comes out (like from the Swollen Members’ record label), and it takes up most of my vision, the stretches and a list of names appear, who are all werewolves, and I recognise the names but I don’t know why. Finally, in my head, I hear ‘and they’re coming for you’, and in my dream I pass out, and in real life, I wake up.

And yes, I was very, very disturbed, and no, I couldn’t smell anything anymore, although I was definitely covered in sweat, and overly hot and wrapped so tightly in my covers it took a moment to figure out how to extract myself. And I never really got back to sleep after that.

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