things that make me happy

Leah’s on the bus back to Vancouver as I write. I’m very, very excited. Despite surviving, perhaps even doing well while she was away, I missed her something fierce and am so excited about seeing her tonight. It’s bad, really, as it’s distracting me somewhat from work.

Other thing that makes me happy? For the first time in 3? 4? years, I have a mouthful of teeth. It feels odd (actually, I feel like my top lip must be sticking out an extra inch or so), but I suppose I’ll get used to this. It will be neat when I meet Leah at the bus terminal tonight, as she’s never known me without a missing tooth.

My visit with my brother makes me happy too. It was excellent, in particular to see and hangout and communicate with him, but the trip in general was much fun. I’ll write about that later, and post what pictures I deem acceptable.

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