I admit it: I’m a faxophobe. I don’t understand fax machines, I’m scared of fax machines, I don’t like using them. I also don’t understand their continued existence, in the days of PDFs and their ilk, but whatever. Today, I had to fax Macromedia (and yesterday I had to fax my Dad). It was traumatic. I have no idea whether or not it got there, what it looked like when it got there, etc. It sucks. Also, the fax machine here at Digitopolis is this odd old thing with wierd, user-unfriendly commands on the LCD screen, and it prints out incomprehensible reports. No ‘you fax was successful’. Instead, there’s some kindof code, another line says ok, and I’ve no idea what any of means. All I want is an ok or an error message, and I can’t tell them apart.
So I’m a faxophobe. Give me email anyday!