While Leah was away, you may remember that the cats were particularly insane. I had thought all was well, until a couple of days ago, we noticed that Twitch was being awfully affectionate, and treading rather gingerly. Then, while petting him in bed on Monday night, Leah touched his left forepaw, and he growled. But we didn’t see anything. I thought maybe he had a hairline fracture, or something – worrying, but nothing I was too concerned about.

Tuesday at work, I made some comment that I sure hope nothing happened to my cats, because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to afford the vet bill right now. So Tuesday night, just before heading off to SHiNDiG, we found an abcess on his left forearm. It was icky and pusyy and all those things. We put a cone on him (from when he was neutered) to prevent him from licking it, cleaned it a bit and left. Yesterday afternoon, we took him to the vet (The Kitsilano Animal Clinic, based on Kirsten’s recommendation). They shaved around his arm, said some alarming things (necrotic? Not sure what it is, but as I said to Leah, I know enough Latin to assume it’s nothing good.), and because there was an emergency with a dog, were unable to get to him that afternoon. So Twitch has spent the night at the vets, and hopefully today they’ll do good things for him and he’ll get to come home, wobbly from sedation, but on the road to recovery.