CSS & Mac IE 5.1

So a thing I’ve discovered. Apparently, if you have a <div> nesting thing going on, and within that nested <div> you have more than one text-layout tag (<p>,<h1>,etc), any tag after the first one break the width restrictions on their parent <div>. For instance: I had a box that was 180 pixels wide. When I only had one text-formatting tag, it would sit happily within its allotted width. As soon as I added a second paragraph or heading, it broke out of its boundaries. Very odd. Of course, since this is going to be displaying dynamic text, in which someone could very easily put in a formatting tag, I’ve written a little script to take care of this. It finds any one of the header tags or the paragraph tag and replaces it with a style in a span that has the same effect on the display, but not in the layout. Oddly, lists of any kind seem fine. Actually, lists do icky, awful things too.

The things you learn, eh?

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