Media Interventions

Has anyone seen a series of really aggressive PSAs on the busses lately that are by (or sponsored by) some group called Media Interventions?

Today, there was a washed out, stretched photo. On the bottom left, it said something like ‘The native growth rate is 70% higher than the national population’. on the bottom right, it said something along the lines of ‘You can’t stop us from having a positive sexuality, a healthy self-awareness and […]’ (I can’t remember how it ended, but there was something else). I wasn’t aware we were trying to stop native populations from having healthy sexualities or self-awareness myself. It seems an odd choice of phrasing — an attack add should normally be against a specific policy, action, etc. I’m not sure there is such an action that is in opposition to this ad.

Anyone else seen any of the other ones? I think there’s at least 2 more that I’ve seen and thought about posting about, although this is the first time I’ve remembered to do so