Killer Modules

In virtually every project, there is one module, function, or little widget that just kills me. I’m not sure what it is about these features that I find so hard to complete—often, they’re the simplest, easiest to complete functions—but there’s always something that I can’t wrap my head around, or the thought of fills me with dread, or everytime I start working on it, suddenly it’s the end of the day (or the night), and there’s no more time, or what. But these little pieces of code are always this massive hump for me to crawl over. I’m currently experiencing this on 2 projects. Unfortunately, on each project, I’m out of other modules that I can work on to avoid these ones. All that’s left is to buckle down and do it. But still, I find that nigh impossible to do.

In past, when confronted with these killer modules, I would eventually toss out some crappy piece of code that would always come back to haunt me. So I’ve been better about making sure I apply the same care I do to other code. Which makes getting over the hump harder, but means that the hump won’t haunt my dreams for months to come. Although I’ve noticed a definite slacking on the old documentation front for these killer modules. Maybe that’s an acceptable rebellion, as normally, I’m a pretty good documenter of code.

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