Notes from Today

  • Someone at The Province has a brain: I’d no idea that restaurateur was a valid alternative to restauranteur
  • It’s a small world: my friend Evan has just started school at the London School of Economics. He posted some pics, in which I thought I saw, in the back corner, half the face of the younger sister of an old high school friend of mine. Turns out it is indeed her. It’s strange that I recognized her from a half of a face that I’ve not seen since probably 1995. And I can’t say I knew her well back then. She was a couple of grade beneath me, I believe.
  • I saw another weird Media Interventions thing today: This one was a barcode with nice leafy vines around it. Underneath, it said ‘growth. It’s another head-scratcher.
  • I had a minor freak-out today: I’m going to be a quarter-century old next week. It seems such a definite sign of something, although I’m not sure what. I feel, even though I’ve in some ways done so much in my short life, that I should have done so much more before this date. I mean—I’ve never gone skydiving! Or biked across Canada! Or made a feature film! Or a million other things I could have done, but haven’t. And yes, I have lots of time. But that’s a rational thought, and there is no rationalizing a minor freak-out. They just happen
  • I had lunch today at a greasy spoon, instead of from the excellent French bakery down the street, and it totally hit the spot.
  • For the first time in a long, long time, there was nothing urgent on my work to-do list. So I got caught up on some less urgent things, leaving me with a remarkably light to-do list, until at least tomorrow, when I expect responses that should engender change in my to-do-lessness (new word!) status.