More Media Interventions

On the bus today, another media interventions sign. In the four corners (going clockwise from top left):sex,for,everyone,creates. In the middle; opportunities. (I tried putting this in a table, but that seemed to fuckup my site. I’ll have to investigate why later on).

Now how’m I supposed to read this? Initially, I read this as: ‘sex for opportunities creates everyone’. But what does that mean? I mean, of course sex creates everyone. What do opportunities have to do with that? Then I re-parsed it as ‘sex creates opportunities for everyone’. Which I took at first to be something about molestation or abuse, but on a second thought, took to be a pro-prositution message. Although now, with a few minutes more thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that a)I don’t know how to read this b)I’ve no idea how I’m supposed to interpret this (compounded by a), of course).

Other ways to parse this:

  • sex for opportunities creates everyone
  • sex creates opportunities for everyone
  • opportunities for sex creates everyone
  • opportunities creates sex for everyone
  • everyone creates opportunities for sex
  • everyone creates sex for opportunities

…and a whole bunch of other ones that make even less sense.
How would you parse this?