One last post for the day, I confirmed last night that I did do a good job, I did write a standards-compliant website and it does work in AOL! The problem? During development, the site has been password-protected, through windows file-permissions. This was causing a 403.15 error (client licenses exceeded) when viewed by AOL users, and only AOL users. I don’t what it is about AOL that causes this, but the folks at CrystalTech were again, really great at helping me solved this, and tracked down an obscure note in the Micrsoft KB that told them how to fix this. And so it is fixed. And so the AOL-using client is now happy. All’s that left to figure out now is why parts of the site, and some images consistently do not load for a particular user running a Mac g3 with OS9 and IE 5.1 (I should ask whether she can see the site fine in Mozilla, or Netscape, I suppose).

With that success in my hat, I’m out.