Lucky duck

This morning, sleepy and a little grumpy, I couldn’t find my keys. I left, thinking that perhaps Leah had taken them by accident, because I always leave them in the same place, and they weren’t there, so she must’ve. However, it turns out that Leah didn’t have my keys. So throughout the day, I had a bad, bad feeling that I’d left my keys in the door overnight, and then throughout the day. Overnight wasn’t so bad, because the latch was on. But during the day, there was no one home, no latch. I was semi-convinced that I would return home to find my place cleaned out. Which was quite a worry.

When finally I arrived home, I saw that I had indeed, left my keys in the latch all through lastnight and today. Fortunately, however, nothing appears to be missing.

I am so lucky. I’ll remember to check my door next time I can’t find my keys.

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