Orlando, in Brief

I’m back in town!

I’ll probably post more detail things about specific items later, but here’s a glimpse of the things I got up to down in Central Florida:

  • Went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, and enjoyed it.
  • Went to the Kennedy Space Centre, which rocked (I later met the NASA webteam, which was also cool).
  • Spent a day at DisneyQuest, which is too cool for school, and makes Playdium look like your Grandma’s arcade.
  • Actually went to Macromedia DevCon 2002, which was so fantastic — I learned so much; got jazzed by new tips, tricks, features, etc; met some real nice people (and loved sitting down and talking code with other folk); learned about a super cool new product coming out (Project Ringo) that’ll make virtually every web-consultant’s life much easier; and more.
  • Got certified as ColdFusion MX Developer, and narrowly missed getting the Advanced tag on there
  • Generally had a blast down there with my honey.

More later, including hopefully some pics!

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