How can one vote for the Non-Partisan Alliance (NPA) when their very name is a lie?

Partisan means (according to Merriam-Webster): a firm adherent to a party , faction, cause, or person; especially : one exhibiting blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance

When the NPA release statements, they do so as the NPA. Ipso facto, they are a unified slate, or faction, or party. I’ve yet to hear a release, apart from specifically mayoral ones that single out an NPA member’s views. The NPA act as a unified whole, with a common goal: to ‘win’ the city council, and govern it together. Which in my books, makes them a party, which in my books, makes them a partisan alliance.

A non-partisan alliance in my books might be a group of independent candidates pooling together to gain certain benefits. I would expect, however, that in this alliance, the individual candidate would remain paramount, rather than the alliance itself. Subsume the individual to the cause, and you’ve a party all over again.

So don’t vote for the NPA, because they’re lying to you. Not that I’m biased, or anything.

Actually, I’d really be happy if you bothered to vote at all, even if your opinion is radically different than mine. Voting begins November 16th @ 8:00 am.

Go here to find your nearest polling station

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