Addicted to Bass

I’d like to take a break from our regular programming to point out a group I recently discovered, Puretone

Puretone is an electronica act, mixing various sub-genres fairly effortlessly together to create an interesting and eclectic mix. The album, Stuck in a Groove is available now. The first single, ‘Addicted to Bass‘ is excellent. I’m not normally one to pass out music, but please, feel free to have a listen to the track. It blends drum’N’Bass & BigBeat together in a really catchy, poppy groove that seems like it should be excellent fodder for DJs everywhere. I’ve already heard 2 remixes (one is included on the album), and both were distinct and interesting. I certainly hope to hear more. Down in Orlando, where I first heard the track, the radio edit’s getting a lot of play on both their dance-music stations (they have 2!). So give the track a whirl, and let me know what you think.