Dude! I’m getting A Dell!

Yes, it’s true. Now on order, I’ve a spanky new Dell Inspiron 8200 coming my way. This machine, while slightly (ok, alot — I was hoping for something 1/2 its weight) heavier than I would have liked, is a total desktop replacement for me. It’s faster, has more RAM & HDD space than either of my current desktops, has a better video card, has a DVD drive, has built in modem/ethernet (expected, these days), comes with a wireless card of course.

Hopefully, it’ll be here before I leave for Australia next Friday night too, although I suspect that it will show up probably on the Monday after, the world working like that and all.

So the reason for all the power under it’s hood is that I expect to be running XP Pro, with SQL Server 2k, probably CF 5 & CF MX (until I finally stop doing CF 5 development), possibly other things as well as whatever apps I happen to need to have open.

The downside to all this is that well, the battery life just sucks. I think 2 hours is average for everyday tasks. So if there’s no hookup on the plane, I won’t be watching DVDs on it, but I hear that most of those trans-Pacific flights do have hook-ups (plus I’ll be flying business class, so the chances of a hook-up improve).

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