Mini Reviews

I’ve seena whole slew of movies of late, without having mentioned of them here. So here’s a listing, with a brief haiku-formatted review (It originally just said haiku, but Leah pointed out they’re really only haiku formatting, not actual haikus) for each:

Pacino over-acts
the west coast looks beautiful
très European

The Ring:
Read Infinite Jest
this scared the fuck outta me
a great horror film

The Truth about Charlie:
A surreal remake
an homage to French New Wave
a whole lot of fun

Men In Black II
Will Smith’s the bad-ass
Laura Flynn Boyle’s the baddie
The jokes haven’t changed

My First Mister:
he’s old and dying
she’s young, ‘troubled’ and loves him
break out the Kleenex

Donnie Darko:
a disturbed genius
and a demonic rabbit!
do not miss this film.

Bowling for Colmbine:
has Mike Moore gone soft?
asks important questions but
should have been harsher

8 Mile:
Eminem’s story
with a cinematic flair
is pretty darn good.

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