Tomorrow, about 6:00 pm, I’m leaving on a jet plane (sing it!) to Australia (via, briefly, Honolulu). I’m quite nervous about the trip. For one, it’s a trip with my Dad. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all over family time — I live 3500Km away from him, so seeing him is nice. It’s just that our family get-togethers are traditionally about 2-3 days long, at most. This is going to be 15 days. And there are issues, which may or may not be brought to light during this trip, which may or may not be a good thing and which will or will not make me vastly uncomfortable, leading to some awkard times. So yeah, I’m travelling with my dad. Which has made me nervous, which has made me see omens.

The first omen was that Australia is on fire. There are bush fires raging out of control, apparently, I’ve been told Sydney is dark all day right now. Not a great thing, when one wants to be a tourist in the city.

The second omen was my car window was smashed.

The third omen happened on Friday. I had a memory of falling from a great height, and thinking to myself, as I was falling ‘I’m going to die’. I was wearing a 1940’s style workman’s outfit & hat (which flew away from me as I was falling). I don’t believe in past lives, but this felt very past-life-memory to me. I am a nervous flyer (actually, not true. I’m a nervous departer. Once I’m en route, I’m no longer nervous, but be it plane, train or automobile, I imagine at least a dozen Worst Case Scenarios before I embark).

The fourth omen is that my super-nice new laptop won’t arrive until next Monday or Tuesday, conveniently just after I leave. I’ll instead be taking the old IBM iSeries laptop we have here, aka The World’s Most Unreliable Laptop (™), with it’s massive 4GB hardrive (or 2, after installing windows & office), and 300Mhz processor. Still, it’ll play Civ 3, which should take up the first 12-15 hours of my 20-hour flight (of course, there’s in-flight movies, sleeping, playing cars, talking to my dad, etc too).

Of course, all of this means nothing. Everytime I’ve had something bad happen to me, I’ve had precognition of nearly the exact thing. I’ve had nothing like that, so I figure I’m ok (how’s that for placing my faith into hokey psychic powers?).

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