I am a raingod

Before arriving in Sydney, I’d seen much news about the longest drought in years, massive bushfires, unbelievable heat for so early in the season. All this made me think that I wouldn’t need my raincoat, so I left it in Vancouver.

Since I’ve arrived, it has rained everywhere I’ve been. Not only that, but while it’s been wet where I am, it’s been nice elsewhere, only to turn rainy once I arrived. Adelaide, for example, was hot and sunny all week, as evidenced by sunny confines of the cricket grounds where the Australia-England test match was recently played (aside: they’re cricket mad here — even in the airport, they seem to switch one TV in any bank to the cricket, the rest showing the arrivals & departures. I don’t get the game at all myself. I mean – it takes 5 or so days to play!!!). Since arriving in Adelaide, it’s been almost non-stop rain. Currently, there is a storm raging outside my window — lightning, thunder, the whole bit. In Sydney, which was damp when I was there, is now hot and sunny. According to the weather, it will remian damp here until Wednesday, when I go back to Sydney, then turn sunny. Sydney will do the reverse.

So I think the Australian government should pay for me to fly around Australia and visit drought-stricken places. I’m sure within a day or two of my arrival, it’ll rain there too…